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Super Size Hero – AniTrailer 2019

In a world full of “perfect” superheroes lives a chubby one, always ready to save the day. Our hero hops into different costumes and tries to save the day. Unfortunately, he somehow fails every time. Pop on the VR-goggles and give it a try. Can you do better?


Director: Ihab Al-Azzam

Concept/Design: York v. Sydow

Technical Directing: Ramon Schauer

Film Music: Patrick Kuhn Botelho

Sounddesign: Marco Dahl, Jonathan Linnenberg

Animation: Till Sander-Titgemeyer, Beate Höller

Compositing: Mario Bertsch

Lighting/ Shading: Sebastian Selg

Texturing: Verena Nomura

Voice Acting: Sarah Schulz

Executive Producer: Jiayan Chen

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

My Work as an director was exciting and full of new experience. i learned how to work with a big group full of individual artists and how to fullfill the same aim. In the section below i added some of the working process: Character exploration & overpaints